Minigran Technology engineered by brilliant experts

Not only the composition of the fertiliser, but also its form is important. In addition to the traditional fertilisers in pellet- or crumble-form, DCM developed a new production process. Thanks to this process DCM is currently the only manufacturer to produce organic fertilisers in a unique micro-granule with a specific action: the MINIGRAN®. Each MINIGRAN®-granule contains all the elements of the formula concerned.

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DCM, A Manufacturer with Great Added Value

DCM, a Belgian family-owned company founded by Herman De Ceuster with over 37 years of wisdom in creative development, advanced production, inspirational marketing and expert advice in organic, organic-based and natural fertilisers and other biostimulants for Europe and the world.

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Quality, Service and Customized Advice

Quality is the key to everything DCM develops and produces. Everything starts with a meticulous selection of high-quality raw materials of mineral and organic (animal and/or vegetable) origin. DCM’s ultramodern production unit guarantees a perfect granulation and packing process.

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Read more about Organic Fertilisers in our new export leaflet.

Fertilisers in MINIGRAN® form

Research and Innovation

From raw materials to finished product

Organic and Mineral-Organic Fertilisers